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We at KriosDigital provide the following range of services.We also employ industry standard IT security in our offices to make sure client data remains safe and secure at all times . Our Pipeline is adaptable and scalable according to specific client needs.


RotoScope : We provide both VFX Roto and stereo roto services. Our artists have the reputation of providing the best in class roto outout.


BG Cleanup : Rig Removals : We specialize in BG Cleanups for Stereo and live action. We employ the latest techniques and achieve seamless cleanups and rig removals.


Matchmove : We have a experienced team to work on  camera tracking , object tracking , Roto Anim and proxy set creation services.


Asset Creation : We create high quality 3D assets for vfx features. We also have experience creating assets for mobile and console games.


Compositing : We have experienced team to create seamless integration between live actions plates and CGI.


MotionGraphics : Our team has experience working on various commercials and educational content

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